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Termites, squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, hornets and wasps, skunks and ants are a few of the more prevalent forms of insects and pests that you’ll see in the Toronto and surrounding regions.

A genuine love of animals is a requirement in this area of work, and we ensure that our exterminator treat these household pests humanely. From extraction/removal and discharge, all creatures are handled with care and caution and we strive to conserve our surroundings and all creatures that reside within it!

Regardless of what pest or creature you have residing in your house, we will help find a solution for you! Cockroach control, ant control, bed bug treatment, rodent control, termite control? We provide a variety of preventative, pest removal, trapping techniques to restrain creatures like: raccoons, squirrels, skunks, rodents and insects etc. Even if you prefer natural pest control or fumigation when necessary, we will come up with answers to the problem right after a thorough pest inspection procedure and then we put the best pest exterminator to do the job.

And while you are still thinking if engaging the best home pest control service is worth it, the pests are already thinking about causing more damage to your home and your family. Act now! We will send our best pests exterminator right away after you contact us.

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Why us?

Have you got a pest problem that must be eliminated?

We help you control unwanted animals from farther infringing your house. Our policy will be to humanely control your surroundings without inducing damage to the wildlife. Our assignment will be to supply a pest-free environment, ensuring security and the safety of your residence.

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Supplying our customer’s expertise from more than 25 years of experience, we've got competitive and fair rates. Guaranteed!

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We Service The Following Area’s In And Around Toronto

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Old Toronto, East End, Downtown Core (Central), North End, Etobicoke, West End, East York, York, North York, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Vaughan, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Gorgetown, Green River, Nashville, Oshawa, Green River, Whitby

Wherever You Have Uninvited Pests, Move Them Out Eternally

We shut pest evidence ports, cover chimneys, holes, flanges and other issue areas. Places are set up to supply uninvited pests a one way door enabling the creature to leave without having the ability to reenter.

We Specialize in Removing and Eliminating

Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Rats & Mice, Ants, Bed Bugs, Birds, Bats, Wasps & Bees

Destroy and Prevent Pests

Safe and Environmentally Favorable for Pests and People

You do not need pests residing in your chimney, attic or garage for health and security reasons. We eradicate pests with strategies that motivate them to leave while deterring their return and are the premier option for pest control in Toronto. We find raccoons, squirrels or pests in your home and deodorize and neutralize their living quarters with products which are: humane and safe for your family’s well-being & your employees.

Destroy and Prevent Pests

Our Approach: Removal, Review, Repairs and Prevention

Our target is preventing invasive creatures and pests from finding their way back into your home, garage, shed or veranda and controlling your residential and office surroundings.

Our Pest Control Services Comprise

Raccoons Feces

Raccoons Removal

Raccoons residing in residential and urban areas frequently create their lairs in snug spots in chimney your attic, garage or shed and under your porch or deck. They have litters averaging 4 to 6 young that quickly grow and raccoons eat virtually anything, from bugs to berries. They particularly value any food people leave about.

Raccoons Carry Diseases and Damage Your House

Raccoons can harm your roof, fascia, and toilet vent pipe flashing, plus loft insulation and electric wiring in making their way into and out of your house. Other security issues are the disorders raccoons leave and can take in loft insulation, particularly at home within their droppings. Raccoons are removed by from your home to reduce the danger of Rabies and Roundworm Infections to People

Raccoons are among the very harmful kinds of pests that may invade your house. They will get into just about everywhere and have sharp teeth and claws. Having raccoons could be enormous problem. Besides causing damage, they are able to carry disease like salmonella, raccoon roundworm, and rabies. They urinate and defecate much everywhere, making the spread of disease more likely, particularly when you've got kids. Raccoons will usually prevent confrontation with people but can assault and injure family pets especially if they are cornered.

Pest Control Toronto is a professional pest management business and specialists at raccoon removal. Our trained technicians remove them and will trap any creatures which are inside your house. We strive to be as humane as possible though these pests can lead to lots of damage.

We Offer a 100% Guarantee!

We believe in humanist raccoon removal of the pups as well as the mom. We transport them and safely remove raccoons from your house. We’ll introduce them to an all-natural habitat with a good supply of water as well as a lot of compact forestry so they’ll have the ability to immediately reestablish themselves without anxiety or any injury.


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Squirrels Removal

Contrary to popular notion, squirrels don't hibernate over the winter, nevertheless they do like to nest in the warm, dry places they are able to discover like your chimney, attic and wall ports.

Squirrels eat seeds, nuts and green plant life in the wild but favor your bird feeders for a one-stop meal. When you hear them scampering about your loft or discover squirrels, contact us immediately before their families take over yours.

Squirrels may be a pain should they decide to set up a nest in your loft, garage or someplace else at home. They have claws and sharp teeth and will chew through wood shingles and metal. The very first time you will understand you have squirrels in your house, particularly in the loft, is you will hear them running back and forth and scampering about.

Among the more important problems with squirrels is that as they have infants they will set up nests in the vicinity of your house so it’s critical that you simply get them removed as fast as possible before the problem grows.

Pest Control Toronto provides a professional squirrel removal service in the vicinity of the Greater Toronto Area. We eliminate any squirrels from your loft, garage or wherever they have set up the nest and we will trap and relocate them far away from your house.

We will also seal off all of the access points to complete the job and to assure you in the caliber of our work we supply a 100% guarantee! If squirrels come back within six months of us getting rid of them into your residence, we’ll return and get them outside again … totally FREE!

Why consider a removal service the moment you notice one of the squirrels in your house, particularly when you feel threaten? Because squirrels communicate well to one another. If you allow one around, chances are it will signal for others to come join. Squirrels are extremely intelligent beings.


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Skunks Removal

Skunks eat almost everything people leave out in their garbage or for their pets. They reside under your house, porch or wood pile. Your pets or you will come across an intruding skunk at twilight. Skunks protect themselves as well as their litters from your cats and dogs and when endangered they spray, stomp their feet hiss and growl.

Skunks will spray an extremely smelly spray at you should they feel endangered. A skunk’s spray may take many continued washes and is extremely powerful and may continue for weeks or days.

Skunks are not choosy about where they reside and they can be found in rural areas as well as urban areas. In urban areas, they frequently construct burrows under decks or porches, in garages and sheds, and may also burrow beneath buildings. They have long claws on their front paws to dig through fabric that is tough, so will scrape and claw through roofs and soffits to construct a burrow in lofts.

Skunks can carry rabies and their feces can carry disease and dangerous bacteria. This is especially risky in case you have little kids that play outside around your residence. We at Pest Control Toronto are well-aware of these risks, thus we act fast and make our skunks removal service available all the time.

There is basically no real impairment that can be caused by Skunk spray to its victims. However, the horrible-smelling spray is enough to make everyone around uncomfortable and hate their presence in the area. Even worse, this powerful predator-deterrent, while a very effective defensive technique, can linger for days for humans to be irritated and is just difficult to remove.


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Rats & Mice

Rats & Mice Removal

Rats and mice are destructive and may carry disease and dangerous germs. You need to remove them promptly in case you have them in your house.

Mice and rats cause lots of damage in the places where they reside. They feed on almost any kind of food that is human and with sharp teeth and their little bodies they are able to get almost everywhere food is stored by us. Cupboards and pantries, boxes and bundles there is no kind of food storage is out of reach of rat or a mouse.

Rats and mice may also carry and transport many various kinds of serious diseases like hantavirus, Lyme disease, typhus, Salmonella, as well as the plague. They have germs in their urine and feces, and can also carry parasites like ticks and mites. Rodents will defecate everywhere, making their existence dangerous when you have kids at home. Don't allow that to happen. Call us at Pest Control Toronto for help in controlling rats and mice in your house.

How dangerous are these animals? For instance, the deer mouse, which is present in Canada and Central US, can be a host of Peromyscus maniculatus or more known as the Sin Nombre virus. Majority of the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome cases that have been recorded in Canada and US can be traced back to the Sin Nombre hantavirus.


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Ants Removal

Ants may be found virtually anywhere and they will construct a colony everywhere, in or outside and are very versatile. It's important to recognize the existence of ants as soon as possible. More are on the way in the event that you have just sighted several ants as the colony is always growing. Ants will cause harmful structural damage and will enter your food, disturb your ground your house!

Everywhere that there's food, ants will follow! After an initial food source is gone, they are going to continue to look for more food to fuel the colony which makes it extremely tough to eliminate ants.

Identification: Ants are easily identified due to their different bodies which comprise of 3 pods.

Risks: Specific species of ants are equipped with distinct strategies of defense for example biting and stinging. These defense mechanisms will be used by ants on people should they believe the colony is in danger.

Ant Diet: Ants are always on the hunt for food and are scavengers. Ants hunt for food based on their size, it's said that ants can take up to 50 times their particular bodyweight! Many species of ants will feed off of leaves and fungus and are herbivores however they'll eat virtually any easily accessible food source especially sugary human food.

Most baits for ants are inconsistent when it comes to eliminating them. Pest control companies like us, however, knows too well about how they behave and the ways they can be eliminated. Thus, if none of your methods is working against those ants taking over your private space, consider calling an expert for help.

Canada is mostly infested with Carpenter Ants, one being the Modoc type, which is made obvious by their all black feature, and the other being the Vicinus type, which can be distinguished by their black head, red middle section and black tail section.

Gain control over ants invading your house. Let Pest Control Toronto manage the ants.


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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Removal

Creepy, bed bugs that are disgusting, dangerous and not wanted by anybody! If you have located some unwanted visitors in your bed our trained technicians will eliminate them and we guarantee our results!

Bed bugs can come from quite a few areas like movie theaters, a hotel room bed should you travel and even the school your youngsters go to!

Bed bugs are found around the Greater Toronto Area in: houses, flats, theaters, public transit, resorts.

Bed bugs, like other insects, possess the aptitude to scale/crawl on almost any surface, which makes it quite simple for their sake to cling to accessories and clothes. One single bed bug has a life span of about one year and has the capacity of laying 500 eggs. With vast expertise in the area and highly knowledgeable staff, we at Pest Control Toronto have developed our 4-phase system that will eradicate, safeguards and prevents bed bugs in your house.

Bed bugs are so hard to detect because they are small enough to notice and are nocturnal. What more, they can survive a year deprived of a host’s blood and a freezing temperature of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. They can hide somewhere in your bed’s crevices and cracks long enough for you to really notice their existence.


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Birds Removal

Birds will nest everywhere that supplies shelter that is suitable, and that includes your: roof vents, wall vents, chimney, stove and toilet vents.

Besides being irritating and sloppy, the nests of invasive birds present risks to your security and health, including: infestations of fleas, ticks and mold, risk in people of incurable histoplasmosis.

Pest Control Toronto Ensures Successful Exclusion and Bird Removal

The most common urban area birds are pigeons.

First we find the bird entry points then we make a best strategy for removal. Exclusion and our promised bird removal service contains: humanist removal of all fowl & nesting stuff, damage review after fowl removal, screening repairs & sealing of likely future openings.


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Bats Removal

The common brown bats you come across in Toronto help control insect populations, particularly mosquitoes. Yet you don’t need them colonizing your buildings or your house from spring to late summer.

In case you have inadvertently created an appealing residence in their opinion, don’t get stuck. Contact us at Pest Control Toronto today to help you eliminate your bat problem. Our emergency bat removal service will be there in time.


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Wasps and Bees

Wasps and Bees Removal

Don’t let wasps and bees take the pleasure out of the outside this summer! Wasps and bees like to make nests in trees and other locations around your lawn or garden, in or near sheds, under decks and porches.

Wasp and bee stings may be painful and last for many days, and may even trigger serious allergies.

Wasps and bees are insects which are found in every area of the Greater Toronto Area. Nests are most frequently seen in areas which have lots of sunlight exposure as the wasps and bees are active during the warm bright intervals during day hours. Coping with a wasp and bee problem in property or your home might be challenging as they can become aggressive if their nest is disturbed, so don't hesitate engage Pest Control Toronto for help.


  • Fruit
  • Nectar
  • Dead Insects
  • Honey
  • Brood

Food Sources:

  • Flowers
  • Bee Hives
  • Fallen Fruit
  • Unattended Food
  • Waste

Common Nest Places:

  • Tree Branches
  • Soffit/Eaves
  • Soffit/Eaves
  • Soffit/Eaves
  • Lofts
  • Attaches to Walls


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